You reap what you sow

This isn't exactly a timely Saturday night post, but one worth exploring anyway. It's November in Manchester, the sun set around 4pm, it's cold outside, I've got a lot of crisps and chocolate in the cupboard. What's harder is a good friend lent me access to the Prime account and I'm keen to watch Ten Percent. The tension that I'm in is can I be bothered doing this post everyday thing? I started it as a promise to myself and something resolute to say Jesus - you've got me, when I got a no a little while back from a job I thought I wanted.

Since then I've been trying to grow my spiritual stamina. This isn't a hustle or be consistent post - but it does recognise the dance between my Maker and me showing up with my end of the bargain. If I'm going to see my dreams and purpose develop there's certainly things I can be disciplined about. Gaining spiritual stamina is a huge advantage to my mental health and inner hope levels. One of the things that grows who I am on the inside is going to church on Sundays. It's something I look forward to in the week and have my alarm set for on Saturday night. The Ramp is a fantastic church - it's vibrant and life giving. It's a place where I can express my love to God, grow, cultivate my purpose and be part of a community. It's a discipline in my life that I gladly make time and space for.