There's a lot of content about challenging you to be show up, be strong and work your way towards your future. While there's plenty of good things to say about discipline and hard work - you can't escape the fact that sometimes in life we're out of energy and bravado to keep on working hard or working our own way out of a tough situation.

We were never designed to be pure stoics. We need each other and we need our Creator. His middle name is the helper and He's beyond keen to meet us and intervene in our lives. From a distance the Christian life looks almost too easy. There's an invitation to follow - to become part of a church family - to live forever. Is the gospel geared towards weak people?

I would say yes and no. There's vulnerability in saying I need God because I don't have this all figured out on my own. He promises His power is made perfect in our weaknesses - He genuinely wants to show up and reveal Himself in our lives. But the longer the walk with God the more is required of us to build our faith muscles and grow. Over time, there's a lot of stamina and strength God plants in us to enable us to keep trusting Him more and lead us into bigger responsibilities that require more faith and prayer stamina. Put simply, the paradox is, Christianity is for the weak and the strong. I had no idea how much would be required of me to keep going with it when I initially followed Jesus.