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creativity + courage =

the best storytellers building a life they love


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creativity + courage =

the best storytellers building a life they love

The stories we tell ourselves are powerful.
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Hi my name’s Rachael and I’m a recovering workaholic.  I’ve hustled hard, taken risks and swung precariously high on the career ladder. Some of those upper rungs didn’t bear my weight so well. When I fell off, I fell hard. It was burnout at an epic level. I lost my direction and didn’t know where I was going next.

I’d taken time out to recover from burnout. I’d had deep rest. When I felt well enough, strong enough - I thought ‘Yeh, let’s get back in the work saddle.’ Out of nowhere I got acid reflux. Within three weeks I couldn’t tolerate food. I had an endoscopy to reveal I had oesophagus cancer. I had an esophagectomy. My life got tipped upside down again. Moving forwards, I now live on a diet of liquid and puréed food.

Lu in Luland,
Michael Janda
& Jeff Sheldon
of ugmonk

Of everything that happened in this three year slip n slide - the burnout was the hardest thing to get over. Since childhood, I’d had a tendency to follow my creative dreams. Deep down we all feel this pull on some level. But whether it gets diminished as child-like or a God given, it’s easy to get sidetracked by life’s pressures and responsibilities. When a dream unravels itself - turning out as we didn’t anticipate - that can be quite painful and confusing.

As a little girl I was raised in a home that encouraged art and computing. I got my first home computer in 1989 (an Atari ST). Dad was a programmer and I got the bug. As an adult, for some time I had a deep seated ambition to do something with my faith, tech and design skills. When that idea didn’t go to plan, I needed to find people who were living out their dreams courageously - especially the ones who’d started over or taken a detour.

I stepped
away from
a tech startup
that’s in
18 countries

Creativity & Courage.
Two of
life’s super powers.

The Podcast
all about

What I went on to find were some of the most interesting, determined and impactful people. Some of these I’d known for years, others I’d admired from afar on the internet. I’ve been genuinely blown away by some of the yes’ I’ve had to interviews and the delight of building new friendships. These are friends who challenge me to be more, keep going and value the small but consistent craft of making and showing up.

What guests say…

Lu in Luland

I love Call On Courage, you’re a beacon of courage!

Michael Janda

I've seen you on Instagram, what you've been through, you've been courageous.

Ginge Unhinged

Rachael made me feel completely comfortable. She’s an absolute gem.


I’ve loved building this beautiful podcast… yet slightly baulked at the idea of spending my days in the spare room with a blue yeti mic. Life takes some interesting turns. After three years of rebuilding myself a job came along that I didn’t want to ignore. The Message is an incredible charity based in Manchester. They serve hard to reach communities: subsidised food shops; rehabilitating people back into work after prison; helping young people in deprived areas. They express the love of God in relevant and heartfelt ways. I’ll be joining them as a designer and can’t wait. I’m looking for sponsorship with my role. If you’d enjoyed my content or want to get behind the next chapter of my story - I’d hugely appreciate your support. These donations go directly to The Message Trust.

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