Nothing special, interesting or noteworthy happens in the spirit without hunger. Hungry people tend to run after God and get fed quicker and more profoundly. God isn't interested in apathy. He'll move on to the part of the flock that cry out to Him, worship Him and want Him. One of the saddest things about the spiritual heartbeat of this country is it's apathy for Jesus. Apathy in the spiritual life isn't just out there at large but has it's pockets in the church too. You might spot an apathetic Christian if they appear to be spiritually burnout, put more emphasis on sacrifice over relationship with God or seem bored or disinterested in their faith.

This is a heart that needs to be healed. God is so vast, dynamic and intimate that we'll never know in this lifetime that much about who He actually is. There are vast parts to God that we will never know - but what we have got access to is worth pursuing with passionate cost. I've seen many moves of God and the beauty and the joy that comes with experiencing them, is ALWAYS tied to hunger. God doesn't tend to stir amoungst the cynical or passive.

The more time I spend with God the more I realise how much I need to know Him further. God is the only one that can truly satisfy my soul's deepest longings and cravings. There are places God meets in us that we can never truly understand or replace with people or stuff. Papa God takes us on a virtuous circle. The more He meets a need in us the more He longs to give us a passion for Him. There's things in this world that I used to love more than Jesus. Over time those things have diminished... I expect over more time He'll highlight other things to me. It's not about stripping out the joys of my life, just making me a little less dependent on things that I think I need beyond Him. The more I depend on Him the more peace, power, joy and contentment I exude.