Don't let your dreams be capped

I think this is all too easy to let happen. Dreams are precarious things and need to be nurtured. Frequently in this culture we tend to put having dreams in a box with being child-like, or worse still childish. I've had to surround myself with people who know how to speak into my dreams and encourage them to happen. It's also dead important those people don't attach metrics like money or follower count to encourage me in my dreams.

They put a value on making a dream happen whether or not someone is looking... and recognising the value of what I'm creating attached to where my heart is over a bottom line. Your dreams need to be pastored to make them happen. And they matter. Especially as you get older. It's easy to slide into thinking an opportunity has passed by or into comfort.

A lot of dreams revolve around accumulation - gathering assets, wealth or experiences. Those things can become the enablers. Where dreams really hold their weight is in how they serve and release people into becoming the version of themselves God always imagined. When we pray for a God inspired dream that's when we get really challenged to dream bigger. He wants to create something that only He can be credited with playing His part and influence behind.