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Don’t panic, this isn’t another podcast telling you to hustle harder.


I’m Rachael.

I wish I could go back to the scared version of me 3 years ago running a successful dating app. I want to say it’ll all be okay & weirdly cancer will heal my broken heart. Anything I say on here is from lived, messy experience. Sometimes things have to get a whole lot worse before they get better. It will get better. I 💯% promise you.

I don’t do glib or forced positivity. Trying to summarise my mental health journey in the last 3 years is near on impossible in this short space. What I have come to learn is loss and the painful dismantling of different parts of your life can be the start of something entirely new and unprecedented.

There’s no way I’d be interviewing people from all around the world on a podcast, highlighting their stories of creativity and courage. If you know someone or have a story yourself about a courageous journey you’ve embarked on please contact me

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