Answered prayer

I was reflecting with friends how sweet it is to meet up and compare notes on what is God up to in our lives? The Christian life is impossible to journey through on your own. You'll fast run out of steam and hope trying to pursue God on your own. We're meant to do this adventure with friends - that become like family. Wow. I'm so grateful for that.

Answered prayers prevent me from thinking I'm a hot something able to make my dreams and destiny happen with hard work and grit alone. Discussing them also enables me to have a bigger dream for my life beyond what the limitations of my past experience and imagination might conjure up for my own future. It stops me from getting too self involved and wanting to collect accolades for myself.

Answered prayer enables me to share and get a bigger understanding for who God is and all that He's capable of. It stretches my faith and hope levels. I'm able to pray bigger prayers and remain in conversation with trusted friends over am I pursuing the things that are health for my heart Vs the things that aren't. Answered prayers help me to lean into more of God and trusting everything He says He'll do for me and the friends I'm doing life with.