Consistency Vs Eternity

Consistency enables me to kettle bell press 10kgs. Consistency grows my practice and skill. Consistency increases my mental stamina. Consistency increases my 1% better each day.

Consistency grows my reach to more people. Consistency makes me stronger. Consistency gives me a competitive advantage. Consistency is me refining my own story.

Enternity gives me a whole new perspective on people, purpose and what growth means. Eternity gives me hope when things don't make sense right now. Eternity gives me confidence everything will be made right in the end. Eternity isn't in the clouds but a version of life we see now made whole and as it was originally intended.

Eternity gives me a freedom to serve and invest in things that don't give a material reward. Both consistently and eternity are good, but eternity allows my vision for my life to increase dramatically.