Nicola Watson

The courage to change how we teach

Nicola is one of my go to friends to chat through big ideas together. We met on Twitter some years ago and still need to meet up IRL. Nicola is a designer and educator at a Scottish art school. In this conversation we have a go at unpeeling a vast topic - what will education look like for Gen Alpha? Nicola's own teaching practice has been shaped by growth mindset thinkers like Matthew Syed, author of Rebel Ideas and Black Box Thinking. Nicola was a helpful voice and kind friend who in part, reshaped my own thoughts on failure and moving onwards when career dreams got dashed. She takes an intentional stance on asking students to share their work failures - as well as telling her own.

I find people more interesting when they speak to me about things they've failed at. It tells me much more about them.
Decentralised education means: you're allowing people to take ownership of their learning

Discover more of Nicola's research on these topics at: hatched.substack.com

To get rebel ideas, to get innovation, you've got to have a variety of people & backgrounds
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