Sadie Aliza

Being a female musician and being raised in Iran

It was such a privilege to interview Sadie. As you might have seen in the news women are leading the way for a disruptive revolution against fear and an oppressive regime in Iran. Women have come up against the loss and threat of life protesting freedom and rights to be and express who they are. It's hard to fathom in the West because we take these freedoms for granted. Sadie is a ray of light shining her experience on such a difficult subject. Originally raised in Iran and spent her teen and uni years there, it was no easy journey discovering music and performance was going to be her calling. The legal threat to Sadie attempting to express her artistry was real and something she had to be rather fearless in pressing forwards with. If ever I'm going to interview someone about mining deep for the courage to express their art I think this episode embodies it. Sadie is courage through and through.

These rules are just for male artists. As a female you can only be a backing vocalist. ๐ŸŽค
The most vulnerable have nothing else to lose. They just want to end the pain.

Listen to her beautiful tracks and some of her songs in her mother tongue, Farsi: Sadie's YouTube

Who wants to give up on the fun things in life? As a kid you don't settle for what your parents give you.
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