Tyler Spangler

Psychedelic illustrations and the art of consistency

Tyler is a modest and hardworking artist. His illustrations are intense, rather bonkers and saturated with bright and flouro colours. He's posted everyday for many years and built up a following of 297K on Instagram. When I asked him about how he had the creative stamina to be so prolific, he told me he had a punk attitude to his work. Tyler creates regardless of whether he feels like it or not and doesn't overly perfect his images - some pieces only take him a minute. It certainly challenged my approach to making something new each day! Tyler's commitment to making something new everyday for years has paid off richly. He's attracted collaborations with high end fashion clients: Gucci, Coach and Hermès, as well as working for Adobe, Instagram, Nike and the UN. I was delighted he found time to chat to me. I found Tyler to be full of ideas and candour about his own challenges and journey to becoming more courageous.

How did you get to 250K+ followers? If you're doing it one day at a time, piece by piece, it's really not that much effort or work.
(Having Gucci & Coach as clients) I made a monogram for their bags & a pattern for their stores.
What scares you? Death... what if it's horrible after death or I won't be able to do anything?
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