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Dealing with my neutrality

I realise I have no clue what it feels like to be prevented, hurt or harmed just because of my skin colour. I also have the slow, painful realisation of recognising my own neutrality on this subject.

Subtle, institutionalised racism has been around for a long time. I noticed it entering the design industry. It wasn’t hidden. It was just subtle. And so it wasn’t challenged.

I’d worked in call centres and a factory before I got anywhere near design agency culture. People in agencies (10 yrs ago) often looked similar to me. I wondered, where are all the friends I’d find compared to my city centre church? Clubs I partied in? Festivals I went to? My own neighbourhood in Manchester? Where are all the different, diverse, beautiful faces, accents, faiths and viewpoints?

Designers need to realise they’re more influential than they feel. We’re creating the tools and experiences that bring people together and ultimately create culture. When that creative process is in the hands of a predominantly white, privileged workforce, you’ll end up repeating and building on what’s gone before.

I entered design - and specifically the coding community wondering where all the girls were? That has gradually improved over time. But seeing a severe lack of diversity, colour and cultures underrepresented is not OK. Our inaction on this matter is not OK.

Black Girls Code is an organisation I want to shout out to and encourage you to support. They are pioneers - and are committed to breaking the predictable narrative we’ve written for too long. Girls of colour from 7 - 17yrs are empowered to learn and make an impact in tech. Please consider supporting them.

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