Build a kickarse creative business

Useful tools for you & support this podcast

These are the tools I use everyday behind the scenes at Call On Courage. They’re thoroughly researched and road tested products that level up any creative business. They are all free for you to try.

The links below are affiliate links - so if you do use any of these products on subscription, I get a small % back. It doesn't affect the price for you, but is a great help to my business and can support the podcast πŸ™πŸΌ
I recommend them because they'll save you time and seriously help you level up your business. I built this site in Webflow. The 'Talk to me' video at the bottom is made in Videoask (and yep, it gets better responses than a web form). Each podcast episode I record and have back ups in Squadcast.

Use your face not a form to get their attention πŸ˜‰

The idea is simple - replace your boring web forms with a face to face video interaction. You can ask a question - for me I use this to find podcast guests. But it can be anything really - anywhere you want to develop a human response or conversation with your audience - VideoAsk enables that. You can even trigger different videos to play based on your audience's answers. How cool is that?

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Way better than zoom. Podcasting for pros. 🎀

Squadcast is the solution if you're serious about podcasting. It enables you to get the best quality recording you can from a conversation in a browser. It's ideal for reaching guests all over the world. Starting at $10 per month, it's also very affordable.
If you're in the middle of an interview, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your recording is holding up. You get access to all your previous interviews, so you can be sure you've always got a back up.

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Stop the boring internet πŸ‘¨πŸŽ¨πŸ›‘

It's hard to summarise in a short paragraph how ridiculously enabling Webflow is. Can you remember when you first discovered WordPress? Then you found Squarespace and thought they'd blown them out of the water? Well Webflow is in a league of it's ooooown. I built this site with it - and there's a lot more I plan to do. Also I've got the confidence if this site really grows I'm able to move to enterprise level. So knowing you're not held back by your site building tools is empowering to say the least. I used to be a UI Designer, so I kinda get a bit giddy about this subject. It can do a lot.

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How does this help a podcast about courage?

This is the podcast I needed, when I felt I'd failed hard and went through burnout. I wanted to hear from people doing the work they believed they were born to do. Even if it had become seriously messy. Courage seems to be a common part of these conversations. So I've started to find people who have been in the same boat and pushed through fear. It's a delight to do.
It also costs money and time to produce. Hosting, finding guests, publishing, edits. I'm committed to doing this well and would be really appreciative if you've enjoyed it - you can shout me a coffee. A small gesture is a big help.

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