We need to let go of our perfected plans, ego and other people's expectations of us.

We're all facing a brave new time - what will the new normal look like?

Being adaptable and open to change, deep down that makes sense. Sometimes it's harder to live out.
I've created a bundle of talks I wish I'd heard and lived by years ago. In uncertain times, our hearts need to be filled with courage.

I lost a ton of stuff before we entered lockdown. It was awful. I felt terribly embarrassed and like I'd failed hard. 12 months on, I'm making the work I care about, creating an impact and would love to see more people let go of their fears.

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During this strange, unprecedented time, I'm giving time to people who'd like to hear how to build courage. That's coming from someone who's felt far from courageous. I talk honestly and openly about challenges with starting a creative business, imposter syndrome, feeling like you've screwed stuff up and starting over.

I'm currently offering free sessions over Zoom, up to an hour, Q&A style. I'd love to help and connect with you, your team or students.

free Q&A from someone who went from factory to co-founder in 10 years
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