What do I do with a no?

When I'm processing a no, it's now more than ever I've got to know what my foundations are built on. A no to a job can represent a lot more than just the surface no of not getting in with a company. It affects direction, purpose, how I spend my time, what do I spend my thought life on? A whole bunch of perplexing challenges. If I'm not careful I can get blown about by the breeze of what's next, who's advertising, what's my next opportunity? I can get confronted by either scarcity or somehow I need to weather this well and just wait for the next job post.

It's important how we perceive ourselves when we're waiting for something to happen. When I'm out of official 'work' does that change the view of how I value myself or my sense of purpose? For someone who relishes in being creative, it's staggered me how much I've craved structure to keep my heart bolstered while I look for work. There's certain thoughts that I've had to keep paramount to keep my hope levels up. My hope can't just be in the next thing, otherwise I'm left restless in the interim waiting for that opportunity to show itself. Instead I need to remind myself of my true identity: I'm a daughter of Father God, I am loved, I am seen, I'm not waiting alone, I can lay down the things I don't understand because I know a good God is working on my behalf to make something better happen. If I dwell on that - my hope levels naturally increase, and I'm less at prey to what a job feed or bunch of LinkedIn posts might tell me.