The trap

I'm finding myself walking into a lot of conversations at the moment about money. It's probably the number one pressure that people come up against when looking for work. The only thing is I found no good comes into who I am or what I'm about when I define my anxiety levels and decisions based on money being the main driver. I met an interesting, talented artist last night. She's a uni lecturer, but she's remarkably undefined by job and has a huge commitment to making work whether people are looking or not. Especially when they're not.

There's a multitude of heart fulfilling projects and worthwhile works to do over a lifetime that aren't attached to your job role, title, mortgage or gaining more possessions. It's scary to think it - but open doors could remain closed if you don't explore the longings of your heart or ideas that don't quite fit with the norm or whatever anyone else is doing. The trap is to keep you small, within your limitations and below where your purpose might require you to grow. Steven Pressfield calls this the resistence. It's within you, every thought that tells you it's a waste of time, no one will notice or what's the point?

Making stuff, playing, trying new things is the antidote to this. Doing things that serve others and fulfils your imagination sets you free from it.