Spirit, mind, body

Today I've been practising getting my spirit stronger than it was yesterday. What does that look like for me? I have to remove myself from distractions and get comfortable with some solitude. I go for long 2-3 hr walks in the countryside. If I don't do that everything inside me that yells scarcity and speed tells me to get on LinkedIn job alerts and try shoe horning my personality into jobs I don't really connect with but feel obliged to apply for. It's not a great process and it leaves me empty and feeling a bit sad.

The practice of prioritising my spirit above my mind, reason, logic or repeated past experiences opens up a level of dependability. I am leaning on the spirit of God to become my louder, firmer foothold of hope. I am saying I don't have this all down to me, but I know you've got good plans for me even when I can't see or understand them. Nourishing my spirit first means my mind won't run away with What If? scenarios. My mind dwells more on the goodness and nature of a kind God and my emotions follow from this place. Does this sound like checking out? I would argue it takes more stamina to grow your spirit. It's a daily practice, requires discipline, repeated effort and increased trust.