Pursuit is important. It tells someone where your heart's at and what your intentions are. It communicates a level of confidence to the other party and not being fearful of rejection. Pursuit wary people don't move as quickly forwards in their purpose. I'm writing this post to remind myself the more I pursue the things Papa has challenged me to go for in life, the more sharply they come into focus and I have a clearer sense of momentum in my life. It also attracts like minded people who are on a similar path.

Pursuit is a bedrock to faith and developing spiritual stamina. Papa God tends to move the most amongst hungry people. He loves passion and seeing people pursue Him. If you ever find yourself in a boring church or faith community, check in with their level of pursuit. Do they know who they're following intimately and do they express their affections for God in worship and prayer? The most attractive churches hold a tension between thoughtful and considered, plus lively and passionate. Noisy and high production is different to that.

It's also the same with work and purpose. I have to be able to hold the tension between waiting through a process of what's the right fit or opportunity for me and showing up with what I've got right now. That 'showing up' is my pursuit: of new creative connections, doing the work behind the scenes to grow Call On Courage, creating content to share with other people, follow through even without immediate returns. Am I honouring and investing in the work that means the most to me, even when other people aren't looking?