Knowing Him changes everything

I'm part of a bigger story than myself. I'm part of the global church family. I'm seen, known and loved locally in my church. I can depend on Him to come through for me.

I've seen miracles happen in my life and for other people. I have hope in knowing that He's on my side and working for my good. I can trust Him even when it doesn't make sense. He's given me an eternal perspective on things.

One day every pain, limitation and tear will be wiped away. Before then I have access to redeeming stuff in this life to look like heavenI can ask for impossible things in my life. I have a confidence that there's a good plan at play. I'm growing to become more Christ likeMy mind isn't confined to running after material assets.

There's a purpose that unfolds with love and adventure. My life isn't boring or monotonousI'm being strengthened through every challengeI can hear His voice.