I don't want my integrity shaken

I had a coffee with someone this week and they said they'd not met someone like me. Which made me wonder who they were surrounded by. I took it as a compliment. I've been resolute to hold out for work that doesn't just mean I'm selling widgets to people that might not need widgets. I've come too far with my health journey to go back to what I might have known before. Life is precious. I want to work for things with substance and meaning. Not just for money.

Saying out loud I'm not just doing this for cash is liberating and difficult. It puts you in a separate category and provokes the question what do we really want to work and serve? What I invest my time into, my heart also follows after. I need to be wise with where I invest my heart because that's where my treasure and hope is found. I could sense a younger version of me might have played that coffee meet up differently. If I was less resolute about my future being secure, I'd have match my answers to fit more with what the other person might have wanted to hear. They have options with job offers and could put me in touch with decision makers. Walking away from a conversation knowing that you buck the trend is a better place to walk away from. I know my future is secure and there's a good plan with meaningful work ahead for me.