How big is your universe?

When I think about my plans for what I want out of life I tend to gravitate towards what will give me the most comfort, fun and idealism. Where do I get the most fulfilment and rewarding life? That can be through beautiful things life purpose, dreams and creative ventures... but if I'm not in conversation with the maker of the universe I can start to severely limit myself. I look back on things like relationships - romantic or otherwise and realise at some sort of simple level we build relationships around the stuff our hearts pursue.

It's good to be savvy in knowing what you're pursuing and who with to see if you're limiting yourself from the richness of life. I say that even through the lens of disappointment and heartache. Our own fragile, temporary disappointments are another reason for our imaginations to be stretched and our current pursuits to be challenged for something better or requiring more trust. So much of life is the stamina to keep hope alive. I need someone bigger than me, bigger than the universe itself to keep reminding me of hope even if I'm feeling disappointed or when I've had a door close in my face. I want the vision for my life to be co-authored. A collaboration of trust between me and the one that sees the multi-faceted ups and downs and helps me endure a journey that's richer than what comfort might tell me to settle for.