Anyone I meet who is trying to build something different, creative, interesting or problem solve has been on a harder path compared to someone who doesn't. Part of my spiritual growth at the moment has been an internal commitment to getting stronger and more equipped to wait. What I didn't anticipate is what's expected of me while I wait. I've become better at handling the space and solitude I have in the week, but I've been interacting and challenged by people who have a lot of creative success and an even bigger dose of consistency and endurance where their work is concerned.

It's challenged me a lot. 99% of people who are more prepared to take a risk, have had the exposure of failure, pressure and stress. It's been vital to see how they got back up again after they tried stuff that didn't work as they'd expect. I'll be honest I've backed away from putting myself out there and risking much. I've been in recovery from a big knock that didn't work out and I've allowed myself to retreat out of self preservation. It's not the norm to venture out of your comfort zone on a regular and committed basis. The majority of culture is geared towards comfort and staying in the middle lane. This is reflected in what we're taught in school to the job market.

The most interesting people aren't the ones that do the minimum to get by and check out with Netflix in the evenings. With the sun setting at 4pm now, that's a whole chunk of time to check out further with. I feel there's been work and opportunities I've avoided because that path is filled with unknowns and discomfort. But chatting to people who have taken risks and show up consistently are like ignition to my spirit. Get around more of those people to help fire up your imagination to what's possible when your endurance levels expand and you've got more confidence in doing the work.