Don't worry

Don't worry about what you'll wear. Don't worry about your next meal. Don't worry about a job opportunity. Don't worry about the next paycheck.

I want to follow a good God who isn't asking me to hustle my way into his good books or script my own best destiny. Instead of it's all on me, he's inviting me to trust him more. He's asking me unequivocally not to worry. I like the sound of that. But it does require an exchange rather than a checking out. He's asking for my surrender - specifically within my heart.

Most of my life and thoughts originate from my heart. If my heart's not in a good place my head and actions follow. Surrender is not the easiest. It requires me to put down old thought patterns and habits. And boy, does it expose how and what I tend to worry about. Surrender is the exchange from worry to trust. I'm actively increasing my dependency on God. He loves that. He longs to show up. This week I could feel things dying off in me. It was painful and required active thought and prayer to lay down the old patterns for a new realm of trusting him. Everything in me naturally sticks to the old way because it's easier. But if I want a better story, something beyond the average of refreshing my LinkedIn feed, I'm going to have to hand over my trust to Him so He can write something better. I want God's story in my life, not just something I could claim to muster through my talents and abilities.